Friday, June 5, 2020

Walking with Jesus

Sit at the feet of Jesus,
  hear what He has to say,
then keep yourselves in His love
  by reminding yourself all day..

That you are always welcome
  to return and sit at His feet,
to shed your fears, share your tears,
  and bask in communion sweet.

Walk in the steps of Jesus,
  follow wherever he goes,
the path may be a hard one my friend,
  with few highs and too many lows..

Just know, He'll never leave you,
  He'll walk with you step by step.
On each road, He'll lighten your load,
  saving each tear that you've wept.

Stand in the truth of Jesus,
  hide His Words in your heart,
think of them throughout the day,
  even when things fall apart..

His Words give life, love and light-
  without them we cannot stand.
So be assured by His Holy Word,
  and walk with Him hand in hand.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Dawn of a Misty Morning

In the dawn of a misty morning, 
  I sense a still small voice within, 
with an eye of infinite tenderness, 
  watching over me once again. 

Of this I'm sure, He's always there
  with hand to guide, to love and care,
but this day is unlike the others
  or maybe I'm now more aware? 

His love's magnified in my soul, 
  a nearness I've not felt in years.
He's drawing me close despite myself,
  in the joyful rain of my tears. 

His love follows throughout the day,
  singing over me through the night.
I do not know why He loves me so, 
  but I'll bask in His tender delight.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Embrace this chance

Embrace this chance to be with Me,
to seek My face, for I always shall be..
with you, for you, above and within you,
and always shall be through eternity.

Though storms may assail, I'll not fail
to love, guide you, be right beside you.
Embrace, draw near, fear not this place-
use this alone time to seek My face!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Words I'm Saying

Not always sure of the words I'm saying,
the feelings I feel or the part I'm playing.
But this I do know and firmly proclaim-
God great love remains just the same.

When there's no words, no part, no feeling,
He lovingly lavishes mercy and healing.
So when I'm not sure, to Him I'll cling,
then rest and sing to my heavenly King!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Lose myself in Thee

Oh that I might lose myself
  and all my works of dust,
to then become so lost in Thee-
  my everlasting trust.

Be closer than the air I breathe-
  my heart and soul's desire.
Let me lose myself in Thee,
  within Your Holy Fire!

May Thy Word's eternal light
  fill every passing scene;
may Thy love within prevail,
  till Thou alone art seen.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Lighten my Darkness

Be the light in my darkness, O Lord,
  a torch in the black of my night. 
Be living breath in the valley of death, 
  that Your glories burn ever bright. 

When I'm weak, make me stronger, 
  when I'm down, cheer my heart.
Always guide me, dwelling inside me,
  and from me, Lord, never depart.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Each New Day

How senseless and ignorant often I turn,
making the ways of the world my concern.
Then after the pain from each evil event,
I beg for forgiveness and try to repent.

It seems I'm now caught in a cycle of sin-
I'm clean for a season, then sinning again.
Thank God, despite my valleys and trails,
with each new day, His love never fails.

Walking with Jesus

Sit at the feet of Jesus,   hear what He has to say, then keep yourselves in His love   by reminding yourself all day.. That you are always ...