Thursday, June 27, 2019

Psalm 121 Revisited

I'll look to the hills,
  to the mountains above me,
to Him who fulfills,
  who constantly loves me.

When I fail and fall,
  He's still ever with me.
This truth I'll recall-
  He always forgives me.

He watches over
  my life day and night,
As I'm growing older,
  I sense His delight.

My Helper in trials,
  since the day of my birth-
The Lord of the isles
  and the Maker of earth.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Love Changes all

Love one another
  to truly be wise..
Look at your brother
  through Jesus' eyes.

He sees all their sin,
  and yet loves them still.
Will you extend to them
  love and good will?

Yes, love changes all,
  but keep this in view-
to love great and small
  may even change you!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

He Walked in the Room

He walked in the room
and everything changed,
from what could be worse
to perspective reversed.

His love and demeanor,
much purer and cleaner;
as grays turned to white
and darkness took flight.

His Words pierced within, 
through the worst of my sin, 
with passion and meaning, 
every failure redeeming.

His eyes were all knowing, 
with a presence so glowing, 
seeing past all my sorrow
to a brighter tomorrow. 

Yes, He walked in the room,
when I most least expected,
exchanging the bleakness,
for strength in my weakness.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Time is Fleeting

Though I know time is fleeting,
yet this drum of mine is beating,
  resounding day and night
    so much faster than I've known.
Thus I should live each minute,
as a brave and faithful tenant,
  and tend each seed I've planted
    'til its fruit is fully grown.
Still I often fail and falter,
as I stumble toward the altar,
  but my heart desires to know
    and hear the voice Divine.
One day I'll know the reasons
for life's ever changing seasons,
  and see the only lasting seeds
    were never really mine.
It's not the seeds I've planted,
it's grace our God has granted-
  I only need to do my part
    and follow day and night.
Then when time has ended
and my spirit has ascended,
  I'll taste the tree of Life
    and the glory of His light.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Things

Behold, I'll make all things new
  in the coming year.
For you'll see a grander view-
  new things will appear.

So lift your eyes, wait for me,
  seek Me day and night,
and you'll have new eyes to see
  love and truth and light.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Smaller Part

I longed to be a flame of fire,
  glowing with divine desire,
serving the Lord for all to see,
  but He had different plans for me.

Instead, I serve behind the scenes,
  in a role of much lesser means,
often unnoticed, not well known,
  and at times just a bit alone.

I know the last will be made first,
  that prideful vanity is accursed.
Then why do I still desire acclaim,
  in the disguise of His Holy Name?

Lord, please help me to be content
  to remain in the role You sent,
to sit in the back, without despair,
  knowing You have put me there.

And during the times I feel alone,
  when my spirit's like a stone,
come to me and to heal my heart,
  while I play the smaller part.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Lord Willing

If the Lord wills,
we can do this or that.
If He does not,
we're sure to fall flat.

It's better to seek
and follow His will,
than rushing ahead
and take a hard spill.

Psalm 121 Revisited

I'll look to the hills,   to the mountains above me, to Him who fulfills,   who constantly loves me. When I fail and fall,   He...