Thursday, December 13, 2018

Smaller Part

I longed to be a flame of fire,
  glowing with divine desire,
serving the Lord for all to see,
  but He had different plans for me.

Instead, I serve behind the scenes,
  in a role of much lesser means,
often unnoticed, not well known,
  and at times just a bit alone.

I know the last will be made first,
  that prideful vanity is accursed.
Then why do I still desire acclaim,
  in the disguise of His Holy Name?

Lord, please help me to be content
  to remain in the role You sent,
to sit in the back, without despair,
  knowing You have put me there.

And during the times I feel alone,
  when my spirit's like a stone,
come to me and to heal my heart,
  while I play the smaller part.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Lord Willing

If the Lord wills,
we can do this or that.
If He does not,
we're sure to fall flat.

It's better to seek
and follow His will,
than rushing ahead
and take a hard spill.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Hush, Be Still

As we're traveling our own way, 
we often find ourselves astray-
stormy seas and waves of woe
assailing us like an angry foe.

But if God becomes our guide, 
we'll evermore be satisfied,
for in the midst of stormy seas,
winds become a gentle breeze.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Shiny Things

God lets us play with shiny things,
  and hold them in our hand.
They seem so precious for a while,
  but then they turn to sand.

The gifts of life will come and go,
  not meant to always hold,
as if they'll grow more precious,
  like silver turned to gold.

They come, go, and when they do,
  they turn from sand to dust,
and often the best shiny things,
  just end up full of rust.

In the end, the lesson learned
  might sound a little odd,
but the only gifts that truly last
  are those we give to God.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Just say the Word

"Just say the Word"
  is more than a phrase,
it's how I intend
  to spend my days.

To say God's Word
  is awesome indeed.
It's the very food
  on which I feed.

Hiding His Word
  in my heart and soul,
renews my spirit
  and makes me whole.

His Words are life,
  a lamp and a light-
it brightens my path
  in darkest night.

The Word of God
  is alive and true-
it's changing my life
  and point of view.

"Just say the Word"
  means so much more-
than any old slogan
  you've heard before.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I Seek you

I seek you in the morning hour.
I seek you with a blooming flower.

I seek you through the words I say. 
I seek you with the heat of day. 

I seek you morning, noon and night, 
in times of rest and pure delight. 

I seek you through a time of woe, 
with family, strangers, friend or foe. 

But all too often you're unaware, 
how I've come to seek you there. 

You seem to think you're seeking Me, 
when it's Me whose been seeking thee. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Draw Near

Incline your ear
  and come, draw near..
Call upon me and you will hear!

Seek my face
  in a quiet place,
and you will sense my warm embrace.

Just make the choice
  to seek my voice-
your heart and soul will then rejoice.

Draw near and know-
  I love you so!
I'll surely never let you go..

Smaller Part

I longed to be a flame of fire,   glowing with divine desire, serving the Lord for all to see,   but He had different plans for me. Ins...